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Servicing and Maintenance

It is very important to have your appliance serviced annually. It can help identity problems before they get out of control and it gives you an idea on how efficient your appliance is and above all how safe it is. We service and install all natural gas boilers

Whatís included in the service, safety check or a landlords CP12 certificate:

General visual check of appliance.

Check working gas pressures to make sure your appliance is getting enough gas.

Check for debris in the heat exchanger and clean if necessary.

Use of the flue gas analyser to check efficiency and make sure carbon monoxide levels are below the danger level and adjust if necessary.

A drop test on the gas pipe carcass to make sure you don't have a gas leak on the pipe work or an appliance.

If your appliance has an open flue it will require a spillage check to make sure the flue is taking the products of combustion away and all filters cleaned to prevent incomplete burning which leads to carbon monoxide (CO).

We will make sure your gas pipe and water pipe are adequately earth bonded. Of course we will give you any advice we feel may be useful or answer any questions you have. And finally we will give you a certificate for your records detailing our visit this allows us to keep track of your safety check and send you a reminder in 12 months.


If your appliance needs a repair we can either call to diagnose the problem then give you a quote to fix it (in most cases free of charge), or if you know what is wrong and what you need then we can give you a quote either on the phone or by e-mail.

These things can sometimes be a pain however we have vast knowledge in diagnosing and repairing heating systems and in most cases itís less of a problem than you may fear.

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